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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Cats and Dogs Domestic Animals

Cats and Dogs Domestic Animals
Domestic animals are more and more present in our homes, like cats and dogs, these animals have been part of human culture and daily life for thousands of years. These animals have become pets for centuries, their presence will maintain a close and loving relationship with their masters. These animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and faithful. 
So the questions that arise are:

Is the dog really man's best friend? 
Is the cat the most lively and malicious pet?
These pets are not only animals but they occupy an important place in our lives. They are family members and friends. So animals are our main companions, if we give them protection and food, they give us a lot in return.
This is why as countries develop and urbanize massively, the status of dogs and cats evolves, useful animals in rural areas, they mutate to a new state that of companion of the family.
 Studies confirm that cats and dogs have a beneficial impact on the mental and physical health of those who care for them and can have a positive influence on the health of some people. 
To choose a pet therefore requires reflection. A pet is a living being that needs to be well cared for, both emotionally and materially, it is not an object with which one can have fun and then can store in a closet or a corner.

So the lively of my subjects will be based mainly and well detail for cats and dogs concerning their breeds, behavior, cohabitations, diseases, care, education, training, grooming, feeding, medication etc....
In addition to very important advice that can help you understand them to achieve a successful cohabitation with these very minions creatures, in order to reach a perfect understanding by overcoming all difficulties. 

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