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Monday, 2 April 2018

Dog faithful friend of man

Dog faithful friend of man

The dog is a carnivorous mammal that belongs to the family of canidae, such as wolf, fox, jackal, coyote etc.. It is the only species in this family that was domesticated. The dog has played a fundamental role with man, it represents loyalty and nobility and, since antiquity until today. He became the first companion of man par excellence. And seems to have adapted to the daily life of human beings for millennia to the present day.
Several studies have stated that people who have a pet are happier and healthier than those who do not, because of his intelligence, loyalty, affection and effort to render services. Shits are also a great source of fun.              

They can make you happy and help you forget the stress of the day when you need it.
Place of the dog in human society:
Humans always prefer to have dogs close to them. This is due to the psychological nature of man and dogs,
The more the need for their natural ways in activities of guard, hunting, defense and research are unavoidable. This shows that their role generally seems to be to be with man.
 There are several breeds of dogs that are all different. From the tiny Terrier to the gigantic Danish.
Generally these animals are part of the same family, which is  different from each other and their character varies as much as their physical characteristics.  And the designation of the dogs generally follows the following standardization:
Breed dog
Dog type
Crossed Dog
Bastard Dog
Corniaud Dog

The character :
Dogs have a temperament predisposed by their breed. But they are built through the education and learning you give them. It helps you to understand your companion.

Tips :
Before thinking about adopting a dog you should follow these tips that will help you live with it, under the same roof.
You must take into account your daily activities, the size of your home and the time you will spend with your dog. Because these animals need more attention.
Not forgetting food, grooming care, etc.

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