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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

7 ways to choose the Best food for your dog

7 ways to choose the Best food for your dog

1. Your dog needs an adapted diet:
It is necessary to adapt the food for your dog according to his breed, size, age and physical activity, to choose the right diet and the right dosage not to harm his health.

The dog is a carnivorous animal, therefore its food must be chosen and prepared with care and given its digestive complexity then one should not vary its food.

2 . What is the purpose of feeding dogs according to their size and breed?

The variation in size and weight between the different dog breeds, consists of an effort to give them a diet adapted to the different energy needs of these animals. This variation causes morphological, physiological, metabolic and behavioural differences in different breeds.
3 . Morphological differences:

 The lifetime of the breed of large dogs and different to that of the breed of small dogs.
4. Physiological differences :
This is reflected in the length of growth, which differs according to breed. Example: A small breed dog is an adult at 10 months of age, whereas a large breed dog is an adult between 18 and 20 months of age.

5 . Differences in behaviour:

 In general large breeds are calmer and less dynamic than small breeds. That means they have different energy needs.
 While each type of food must be formulated to participate in your dog's growth during its lifetime.

6 . How to feed your dog well:
Generally the food based on animal food is much more appreciated than the food based on vegetable food, this is why it is necessary to diversify the sources of food for the dog from its youngest age its adaptation food to several types of food. So dogs love animal proteins like raw liver, stomach, beef, poultry and animal fat. But there are different kinds of dog food, industrial food and household food.

7 . Industrial food..:

It is a food that can be found in shops and supermarkets, of which various industrial brands present several kinds of dog food ,from dry food like croquettes to wet food like pâtés .
is a balanced diet respecting the dog's age and breed.
Household food: 
It is a food based on rice meat pasta and vegetables prepared at home.

Concerning the food of the dog we will detail the nutritional elements necessary for this fantastic animal. 

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