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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Earning your dog's trust

Earning your dog's trust
The dog is a very intelligent, whole and sincere animal. It is enough to give him love, respect, affection and attention, you would be surprised at the degree of his attachment and faithfulness to you by proving his love.
To reach this stage it is necessary to respect three very important stages:  
Step 1: Integrate your dog into your family life.  
Step 2: Educate and train your dog well.
Step 3: Take care of your dog.

Step 1: Integrate your dog into your family life

The dog is a social animal, by nature it lives in a pack this means that there is a hierarchical order to respect always following the orders of the leader of the pack, who is on the other hand the protector of the group and it is him who imposes his law.

It's almost the same thing a man has to do by integrating a dog into the family.
It is necessary to make him understand that you are the head of the family and to establish his place and his role within this family. You must show him that you are protective and caring and a loving being at the head of your home group. This will help you earn his respect and trust.
Be consistent and coherent: You must impose yourself in front of your dog and make him impose things, showing him that there are limits not to exceed, and that you act as a responsible and trustworthy person. He must notice that you love him and he is safe for him to be obedient, and congratulating him when he executes orders.
Socialize with your dog: Dogs are social animals, they need to meet other dogs, other animals and humans. This way your dog will get used to the presence of other beings so that it does not become disruptive and aggressive when meeting them. This stage of socialization is very important and should not be neglected because it determines a large part of one's education.

Step 2: Educate and train your dog well

Introduce an education system for your dog: to communicate with your dog, you must speak his language is to learn to decipher his body language, to facilitate his education. Use simple words and postures to make them understand what you want them to do. But it is your body that will speak to him much more than your words.
 It is necessary to teach him routines of obedience: For your dog to adopt a good behavior, it is necessary to teach him them by educating him to sit down, to lie down, to stay, to come to the foot, other simple actions, in addition it is necessary to teach him the things not to do and to make correct his small defects progressively, by reminding him firmly with the order, but without brutality.
 Talk with your dog in a soft, calm tone of voice: Your dog is very sensitive to the way you talk. Speak to him in a warm and calm voice. By adopting a soft intonation, it is him Communicate your kindness and your love. Because your dog can hear and feel your affection through your voice.  
Praise the dog when he does something well: During training your dog calls for positive reinforcement instead of punishment, this way effectively encourages him to act the right way, praise him, pet him and give him treats when he has behaved well are your best assets during his training.

Step 3: Taking care of your dog

Give your dog some affection: Always show your pet your affection at the right time, when he behaves well. This reinforces his feeling of following the right path.
The caresses: Its Among the good things that create a bond with your dog and adore them enormously. It's just enough to know the areas where your pet likes to be stroked.
Give your dog treats: This is the fastest way to gain his trust is through his stomach. Giving him sweets is that to reward him for his obedience, it promotes his learning and reinforces his interest in you.
Sharing exercise with your dog: Dogs need to exercise every day to stay healthy. Take lots of walks with him so he can get to know you better. Your dog needs to work out, exercise his muscles, coordination, cardiorespiratory system and senses. So taking him out for a walk at least three times a week does him good for his health.

Share good times with your dog: Play with him, ask him to bring you an object you threw. This moment is very essential for his emotional balance, it will only increase his confidence and love for you.
Your dog needs your presence: Let him stay in contact with you, he likes to sleep close to you, hug him. He needs to feel loved all the time.
Evacuate without stress: By offering him games to have fun and fight against boredom, Especially objects that suits him like a chew bone, a ball...
Give your dog healthy food: To keep him healthy at all times. It is very important not to give your dog too much high-fat food, as this could cause health problems and other complications.
Take care of his hygiene: Give him baths, brush him. The effect is comparable to the caress and gives it as much well-being.
Rub your dog's belly to show that you love him.
By talking to your dog, lower yourself to his level to show him that you love him.

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