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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Educating your cat

Educating your cat

Between cat and dog, there is a big difference in their education or training. Contrary to what most people think that cats are animals that cannot be trained, they are independent and stubborn but it is possible that we teach them many things because they are also intelligent animals.
To reach this goal you have to be patient and have the right ways to transmit what you want from him.

Dressage steps :

It is very important to choose the right times when your little feline is calm, does not sleep and is not excited or angry to start training, it is best before meals so that he considers the meal after learning is a reward and will be motivated for the next sessions.
Working with your cat by gestures more than by voice, because he concentrates his attention towards the gestural.
Reward him after each successful exercise with a treat or a small piece of food that he can eat right away so he doesn't lose concentration during training.
Repeat the exercise several times to get your cat used to doing it.
Do not be very demanding in verse your cat to be more receptive.
Avoid making him learn several exercises at once, the result will be negative.
Eliminate any noise that may distract your cat during training.
It is necessary that the sessions do not exceed 15 minutes, so that your cat does not get bored.

 By respecting these steps we can achieve a positive result.

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