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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

How does your cat love you?

How does your cat love you?

To make you loved by your cat, you must know that it is a territorial carnivorous animal, which communicates by pheromones. But man cannot decipher this form of communication. On the other hand, we can make an effort so that he can love us by following these steps:
Step 1: Try to understand your cat
Step 2: Communicate with your cat
3rd step : Taking care of your cat
Cats are species that deserve love and affection to be happy in return they can make us happy too.
Step 1: Try to understand your cat

It should never be forgotten that cats are by nature independent only dogs. They need to be with man, but generally they need space and independence. So in order not to upset their life balance, you have to find a link between their solitude and the games and the time you share with them.
Do not try to move into aggressive acts to make it clear that he has done something wrong. If we punish him, he'll tend to run away.
As humans cats have food preferences, they develop tastes as they grow. It is very important to discover the foods that prefer and it is useful to give them treats occasionally to please them and gain their confidence more.
Generally cats act almost the same way, but there is a small difference in their personality. Spend more time with your cat to find out what he likes and hates.
Step 2: Communicate with your cat

Learn to communicate with your cat: By observing his behaviour you will understand how he judges your presence. Be very attentive to his body movements and postures. Cats communicate and express their emotions through their bodies. So body language. It is the only way he will show you his affection, his emotions and his desires. When a cat feels more comfortable with you, it will show you how much it loves you either by gesturing or purring. In addition to these behaviours, he needs to get used to recognizing his feelings through the noises he makes. By imitating certain gestures and behaviour that your cat does, it strengthens the bond you have with him and prove that you love him.

It is best to avoid looking too long into the eyes of cats, because they take this as a threat.
Before taking your cat in your arms, you'll have to get down to his level so he won't be scared.

3rd step: Taking care of your cat
You want your people to love you, then you have to offer them security. Give him a good place to sleep. Offer him food regularly. And don't forget to make sure that he can wash himself quietly.
Cats are independent, but they need attention, you must not neglect them.
This pet of the Company is always concerned about its cleanliness, its litter must clean regularly so that it does not go elsewhere to relieve itself. And also clean his dishes daily.
Get into the habit of brushing it is something cats love. By doing it regularly the hairs always remain in good condition.  
Play with your cat because he loves it, either with cheap toys or with simple things like string.
Bring him a scratching post, cats naturally tend to scratch furniture and other surfaces.             

By following these steps you would have no trouble earning the love and trust of this very cute animal.

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