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Monday, 2 April 2018

The cat is an undisputed companion of the man

The cat is an undisputed companion of the man

Through centuries and centuries the cat has become among the most important pets. It was domesticated through time for several reasons including hunting rodents and snakes from the home. Little by little the animal occupied an important place in human life. It is a quadruped vertebrate animal, which belongs to mammals. Cats are predators of small prey such as birds or rodents. The male is called a cat while the female is called a cat and the young one a kitten.
The cat is characterized by an enormous flexibility and a very important relaxation during jumps. It can easily jump four to five times its height. Its top speed can reach easily the average of 42 km/h and it puts 9 second for a distance of 100 m. But it is not a sprinter of long distance it exhausts very quickly, on the contrary to what one can think, all the cats can swim very well.
In general this small cat weighs on average between 2.5 and 5 kg and measures 42 to 50 cm without the tail which can reach alone a length of 20 to 25 cm.

The cat is an animal that can survive on its own by feeding on small prey and can accept sharing the territory with other cats if conditions are favourable such as food, isolated corners.
The man got close to the cat through food. The cat approaches a person to create a friendship based on an egalitarian exchange. The choice of the feline as well as human companion by the cat is determining and according to the same factors: behaviours, postures and smells.
Cats also rely on people's moods through the look and smell: in case of nervousness, they can run away or, in case of forced contact, show an "aggressive" attitude.
The cat helps to fight against the loneliness of the elderly. By showing affection in all circumstances, it ensures emotional continuity in the event of the children or a loved one's departure and can even give meaning to their existence.

The cat, real antistress for man:

Studies conducted by specialists have shown that the simple fact of sympathizing with his cat by talking to him, caressing him or even doing something in his presence, would suffice to trigger a joy, a soothing, comforting purring and lower our blood pressure.
Friendship between man and cat is like friendship between humans. This small animal is not a social animal but it is relational because it establishes emotional relationships both with companions and with other species including humans. That is why it is possible for a cat to live with a human if the conditions are favourable, except for certain breeds - the Persian or the Sphinx - which cannot survive without man. Because the cat counts several races which exceed the fifty that one will speak in other articles.


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