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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

The different types of diseases in dogs

The different types of diseases in dogs

When we welcome a dog that will live with us at home, we will have to vaccinate it against common pathologies.
In order to avoid any problems and complications in his health. Because he's not safe from getting sick.  But fortunately most common diseases in dogs are preventable by regular vaccination.
 Here are the main canine diseases and pathologies, their symptoms:
The kennel cough

It is a contagious disease that affects the dog's respiratory system and is transmitted by close contact with a sick dog.
Symptoms :
-Strong cough
-Inflammation of the pharynx
-Purulent drainage from the nostrils
-Drainage of the eyes
-Lack of appetite
So the most effective solution to protect your dog from this disease is to vaccinate him.


It is a parasitic disease, also known as tick fever. It is a very dangerous disease, appears t in the fall.
Symptoms :
-Dark red urine
-Signs of anemia (jaundice)
-Lack of appetite
The best way to fight this disease is to vaccinate your dog.

It is a highly contagious infectious and viral disease. This disease causes very serious gastroenteritis in dogs.
Symptoms :
-High dehydration
-Diarrhoea hemorrhagic
-Refusal to eat and drink

canine distemper

This disease is very frightening and contagious. This disease contaminates all the vital organs of the dog
Symptoms :
-High fever
-Purulent discharge from eyes and nostrils
-weight loss.
So the only way to prevent this disease is to vaccinate your dog.

Contagious hepatitis

It is a highly contagious and fatal viral disease that affects most of your pet's vital organs: the eyes, lungs, kidneys and liver. The animal that suffers from it may show the following symptoms:
-High fever
-Opacity of the cornea becomes bluer
-Loss of appetite and therefore weight
-Abundant diarrhoea with blood loss
-Swollen throat
-Opacity of the cornea becomes bluer
This disease affects young puppies, older dogs not vaccinated, it can be prevented by vaccination.


It is a highly contagious disease of bacterial origin transmitted by rodent (rat) droppings or polluted water. It is a disease that can be transmitted to humans.
Symptoms :
-Yellow mucous membranes
-Heart and kidney failure
-Diarrhoea yellowish then haemorrhagic
This disease is treated with antibiotic treatment and to avoid any risk of the latter, your dog must be vaccinated.
Rabies is a viral disease and fatal to the animal once declared.
Symptoms :
-Anger outburst
-Need to bite
This disease can be prevented by vaccinating the dog with a rabies vaccine.

It's an infectious disease, serious. The dog can contract tetanus bacteria by hawking on a nail or being bit by an insect during a walk.
Symptoms :
-blocked mouth - abnormal contractures
-Abnormal salivation
-body contracted
The best way to fight this disease is to vaccinate your dog.
It is a common infection in Mediterranean and tropical countries caused by mosquito bites.

Symptoms :

-Lack of appetite
-Slimming of the facial muscles
-Skin symptoms (the hair falls mainly on the head and very thin and abundant dandruff is observed).
The best and easiest way is to protect your dog with a deltamethrin collar.
Hip dysplasia
It is a genetic disease especially in large dogs, it is a malformation at the hip that consists of an asymmetry of the head of the femur with its cavity and a relaxation of the ligament that makes them connected.

You must vaccinate your dog well and follow the vaccination reminders, in order to protect your animal from the risks of these dangerous diseases.

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