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Wednesday, 4 April 2018



If you integrate a dog in your home and with your family, know that it is a very intelligent, faithful and receptive animal. So to sculpt all these qualities, it is necessary to educate or train him so that he is very obedient.
Training your dog seems a very difficult task, but in reality it is the opposite. Dog learning is based on techniques that take into consideration the dog's needs and learning objectives. Because the dog only tries to please its owner, it is the basis to train your dog. Unfortunately many people practice ineffective methods during training that grow only to the frustration and suffering of masters and dogs.
Before beginning his training it is necessary to learn how to train him to strengthen the bonds which unite you and to develop a unique and fusional relationship.
How to train your dog:

Among the basic rules for successful training of your pet it is imposed that you are the dominant leader so that he respects you, Example: Pass in front of your dog when you want to take him out.  
Obedience: is a very important factor in monitoring learning. When you take him for a walk try to teach the basics (walk on a leash, walk by your side without pulling the leash). So to make your dog obey is to make him understand what you expect from him.
Begin with simple orders: as if lying down, come to your feet. It is very important to show your dog what you want him to do.
During the training of your dog pronounce simple words to associate them with the exercises and will have to be pronounced at the moment the dog proposes this behavior so that the dog can understand the exercise.
Repeat the exercise several times but give your dog some rest so that he does not get bored and be quite receptive to learning.  

The reward: show your dog that he has done his exercise well, congratulating him, stroking him and giving him treats as a reward for success. This increases your pet's confidence in you.

By following these basic rules during training, you will be surprised at the results.  


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